First Solo: Chris Holub (December 26, 2010)

Chris: “This is Dec 26 2010 and my 19th lesson. In this video you will see one full lap around the pattern and then the final approach on the second touch and go and then you hear my CFI tell me those magic words “ok lets make the next one a full stop” I make the stop and pull over and drop her off in front of the restaurant.”

“Here is Part 2 of my Solo. At this point Jackie my CFI just got out and I immediately goof up and transmit on tower when I called for ground DOOOH!! lol oh well that was the only issue and everything after that went great. I only cut out a few minutes of the pattern flying so you will see 95% of it all the way to shut down. Thanks for checking these out and if you like aviation podcasts check out ous at”

“This is my Solo taken from the observation deck that’s above the restaurant.
She Showed up and started recording after my first touch and go so from this video you see one touch and go and a full stop with my CFI and then I drop her off and do two touch and go’s and one full stop on my own.
In the background you hear my Wife, youngest Daughter, Mother in-law and my oldest Daughter’s boyfriend’s mother. It’s funny to hear my wife talk and try and find my plane.”

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